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Sharon Stolzenberger

Sharon Stolzenberger

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Crow Tapestry (acrylic, 28×18) by Sharon Stolzenberger was a finalist in the 2005 Art Competition in the Animal category.

HOW SHE GOT STARTED IN ART: ?I attended the University of Dayton and graduated from the School of the Dayton Art Institute. I’ve studied with and taken workshops from Homer O. Hacker, Marilyn Hughey Phillis, Virginia Cobb, Nita Engle and Alex Powers, to name a few.”

MEDIUM: ?Watercolor, for years, has been my chosen medium, but I’m working more and more in acrylic and mixed media.?

WORKING PROCESS: ?If I’m working in watercolor, the process is fairly straight forward wet-into-wet technique. With mixed media, the process can start with drawing, collage, image transfer and somewhat random washes of acrylic paint. I progress by doing more of the same to build layers and textures as I refine the composition.?

INSPIRATION FOR CROW TAPESTRY: ?The inspiration came from the bird itself. I’ve been using the crow as a theme for a year or so. Tapestry was an experiment in textures, both visual and tactile. It?s also a statement about the fragmentation of our landscape at the hand of humans and the strength of the crow to endure close encounters with human habitation.?

HANDLING CREATIVE BLOCKS: “Creative blocks are difficult to resolve. Sometimes getting off dead center can be as simple as changing format. For example, going from the familiar rectangle shape of the paper or substrate to a square. I’ve been a fairly traditional watercolorist for years; however, trying the claybord cradled Masonite in a square shape really started me off in another direction. The surface was new to me, the shape was new and all of a sudden, the crow emerged as a muse for me.?

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