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Michael Malm: Lessons in Light

Michael Malm: Lessons in Light

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To read about Michael Malm’s artwork, see the October 2002 issue of Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn’t appear with the article.

Dance Class (oil, 16×12)

First Light (oil, 12×16)

Picnic (oil, 40×30)

Warmth (oil, 16×12)

Hay Wagon (oil, 18×24)

Time to Herself (oil, 16×12)

Lisa Schupbach of West Sacramento, California, holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from Arizona State University. Her work has been acclaimed in a number of group shows, including the Best and Brightest at Scottsdale Artists’ School, a juror’s award at the inauguration of the Farmington Museum in New Mexico, and various regional and national exhibitions. She’s represented by El Presidio Gallery in Tucson, Arizona.

Watch the video: Two Brothers from Emmaus by Mike Malm (June 2022).


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