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Paint Dreamy Landscapes with Sponges, Acrylic and Spray Paint!

Paint Dreamy Landscapes with Sponges, Acrylic and Spray Paint!

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By Terrence Lun Tse
Follow Terrence Lun Tse’s absolutely innovative, thoroughly enjoyable approach to paint soft and dreamy, quick and easy landscapes, flowers and nature scenes. He shows you how in his new book, Naturescapes—using ordinary household sponges, acrylic paints, and materials direct from nature herself!

The techniques in this book are fast and fun. Sponge painting eliminates the need for expensive brushes and tedious brushwork, while spray painting around artful arrangements of leaves, plants, seashells, silk flowers and other found materials creates authentic silhouettes, incredible texture and strong atmosphere.

After information on materials, and exercises to practice techniques, Naturescapes divides lessons by season, to paint lovely landscapes the whole year round!

• 15 complete step-by-step demonstrations cover every season, breaking down the process into small, easy steps from start to finish
• Projects range from intimate gardens and trees to more complex landscapes

Get the hang of the spray-painting technique with this simple demonstration of the summer leaves above.

Work with pinecones and a wonderful crosshatching technique to create this cozy winter view.

You’ll love Terry’s simple, straightforward approach almost as much as you love your results: beautiful yet quick, one-of-a-kind paintings that look like they took hours of deft brushwork and years of experience to create.

Preview Terry’s accompanying Naturescapes DVD here.
Order the Naturescapes DVD now.


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Watch the video: Golden Autumn, acrylic painting step by step painting demonstration, 085 (June 2022).


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