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Drawing Secrets Revealed: Figure Basics

Drawing Secrets Revealed: Figure Basics

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If you have always wanted to do a figure drawing, but werent sure where to begin, Sarah Parks Drawing Secrets Revealed: Figure Basics will give you the building blocks you need to get started. Based on her online course series by the same name, this video takes you from learning how to see, to learning how to draw what you see.

Sarahs Drawing Secrets Revealed gives you
building blocks for figure drawing.

When I took my first figure drawing course I was intimidated by the complicated shapes of the figure before me; how could I make it look real? Sarahs video takes away that unknown. Youll learn how to capture the initial gesture and essence of your figure. Then youll take that gesture and use tools to adjust your drawing for accurate proportions. Follow that with a helpful basic review of human anatomy and indepth review of values and shading, you can draw the figure one step at a time. Give it a try!

You can preview Sarahs drawing secrets at ArtistsNetwork.TV, and also access the full-length video, materials lists, watch an exclusive interview, and more! And check back in for Sarah Parks next videos on Figures Step By Step and Portrait Drawing.


Watch the video: Learn How To Draw The Figure In Ten Minutes - Gesture Drawing (June 2022).


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