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Acrylic Painting Techniques for Encaustic Effects

Acrylic Painting Techniques for Encaustic Effects

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It’s hard to imagine a better medium than acrylic for painting abstract art, especially given all the effects you can get by adding in various mediums and texture products. Patti Brady scratches the surface (amid other painting techniques) of all the possibilities, exploring several exercises for creating encaustic effects with acrylic painting techniques.

In Rethinking Acrylic: Encaustic Effects with Acrylic Paint, Patti Brady demonstrates several different ways of creating an encaustic painting look without wax. Learn how to give an instant wax-like look to your paintings with topcoat techniques, layer and carve into thick gels and paints for depth and rich color, and more! These acrylic painting techniques will allow you to expand your process to include additional layers in your abstract art as you use acrylic gels and paints to create luster, depth, and rich color.

Preview Rethinking Acrylic: Encaustic Effects now to learn how to add texture to your surface by carving into a tinted encaustic medium, along with other fun acrylic painting techniques. Then, head over to for the full-length video, materials lists, and more, or download the video at

“Patti does such a good job of making the before and after examples look nearly the same. It is so much easier to understand what is happening when I see the results of both examples. She is a good teacher.” —CS,

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Watch the video: Acrylic mediums (June 2022).


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